Sunday, 29 March 2009

Little Baker Girl

*dancing around the kitchen* I baked! I baked! I baked!

I seem to be going through this really strange phase at the moment whereby I appear to be enjoying mixing a bunch of ingredients together and producing something extremely sweet and unhealthily fabulous! *lol* It should probably be noted that although I have a degree which incorporated a huge amount of cooking etc, I'm rubbish in the kitchen. I usually use it purely for making coffee (I could rival Starbucks!) and making bowls of cereal. I'm such a non-cook that I actually didn't own a rolling pin or cookie cutters until last weekend when I decided to bake gingerbread men and oatmeal & coconut cookies. Then last week when I was off that random day I baked two loaves of gingerbread and a tray of Scottish vanilla tablet. It should be noted that I used the wrong type of butter in the tablet so it never set. But ho hum, the gingerbread was fab!! *yay*


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