Thursday, 19 March 2009

Revitalised Thanks to Sleep

I feel very revived this week.

Sunday night was the first night in months I’ve managed to get a full eight hours sleep ‘cos Jazz didn’t waken me! =D I even managed it again last night! Yay! Seriously, having a cat is as hard as a baby at times (I’m guessing) ‘cos he can wake you up three times in the middle of the night. If he’s not clambering about on my pillow he’s pulling stuff off the bedside table and if he’s not doing that he’s purring right in my face. Thing is, you take one look at him and you cannot be angry with him, even though you reeeeeally want to be! Is this a face you can stay mad at? *awww*

This whole week's been good. I've been managing to get my early(ish) train every day and had lots of work to be getting on with so the days have gone quite fast. Plus the boss is keeping out my way so I can be extra productive! I feel like I've had loads of time to myself this week which is fab! Means I've been reading loads, playing Mario Kart loads (*lol* btw if any of you guys reading this have a Wii console number of Mario Kart licence number please let me know 'cos I only have one MK friend and he's never online!) done ironing, placed a huge Avon order and made a babygrow for yet another customer. On Monday night I felt totally energised - so much so that I ironed the mountain of clothes piling up in the spare room before spending a good hour straightening my hair. I can barely remember the last time it was straight – I can never be bothered and usually throw it back out the way. I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it on Tuesday ‘cos it was so silky soft! *lol* Let’s hope this productivity stays with me for the rest of the week!


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