Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Week One

I've been on a pretty healthy diet and back exercising again for a week now, but in true Caz fashion I faltered slightly. It might have something to do with the two batches of brownies and caramel shortbread I made *lol* or the Chinese I had last night. In my defence the Chinese was inevitable - you see, our mate Dave had been up from Wales for a bit and we always have a takeout when he's here. We even had to scour the district to find one that was open on a Monday! This raises the question: why are Chinese takeaways closed on a Monday? I read somewhere it goes back to ye olde trading laws but I don't know if that's true.

I've not made it to the gym yet, but I've been on the Wii Fit quite a bit. Loving the hula hooping (though I get the giggles every time I do it) and the step aerobics. I was using it last night to burn off my Chinese *lol* and when I got to my target 30 minutes I accidentally ran over to 31 minutes. In true Caz fashion I had to round up to 45 after that, but as I did I opened a new balance game that I had to try and so in the end I did 50 minutes. I'm kinda skeptical as to how much benefit exercising on the Wii Fit actually gives you but the fact I was sweating and am sore the next day makes me think it's a lot higher than I originally thought. Now I just need to get some ankle and wrist weights for resistance and I'll be tonight everything in no time! =D I actually considered getting a real hula hoop so the Wii hula-ing wasn't quite so virtual.

Anyway, I weighed myself tonight and since last Tuesday I've lost..... 2 lbs!!! =D


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