Tuesday, 21 April 2009

10 Random Things I Can See

It's not even 2pm and already I've had the day from hell. I knew it was going to be bad from around 4am when I was awaken by what can only be described as a sound similar to a woman being attacked outside my house. It was loud. It was piercing the silence. It was so close. Really creeped me out. Jazz was asleep on my pillow and even he was sat bolt upright with his ears tuned in to the shrieking sounds. Transpired to be foxes fighting in the street. *sigh*

Work was no better. I've spent the entire morning dealing with everyone else's shit and I have a mountain of my own stuff to get through. To top it all off my boss has decided that he needs to "work from home" this afternoon and tomorrow. As much as I love when he's not in the office to bug me, his version of working from home involves sending two e-mails a day to make you think he's working. Really I think he's down the pub with his mates lol.

Now that brings me to where I am now; sat in Starbucks on my lunch by myself with nothing but my blog, a frappuccino and a skinny blueberry muffin for company. Clearing today's troubles out of my mind completely leaves me able to see these ten random things as I sit on a bar stool facing the window to the world:
  • a cobbled lane with lots of puddles;
  • a couple kissing as they part ways, one walking down the lane and the other down the street;
  • a litter collector picking up pieces of rubbish individually with his rubber glove clad hands;
  • a woman frantically typing away in the job centre opposite (probably blogging);
  • pigeons everywhere;
  • a bus advertising flights to Barcelona (what I'd give to be there right now...);
  • a guy delivering bottled water-cooler water to my office building;
  • two women gossiping and laughing loudly over cigarettes;
  • an old lady trying to cross the road between traffic instead of walking to the crossing;
  • a teenage guy and his mate staring at me 'cos I'm taking in my surroundings... better get back to the office.


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